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Who is Don Bosco?

John Bosco (16 August 1815 – 31 January 1888), commonly known as Don Bosco, was an Italian Roman Catholic Priest, educator and writer. During his early life Italy was experiencing social, political and religious turmoil as a result of the Industrial Revolution. At this time exploitation of poor children, in particular in the form of child labour, was a common practice. Don Bosco established his legacy through creating the Salesians of Don Bosco – a group of Priests, Sisters and Brothers who worked together and dedicated their lives to the betterment of disadvantaged and marginalised youth. During his life Don Bosco provided young people with education and care and fostered teaching methods based on love rather than publisment. He established a network of organisations and centres to spread and carry on his teachings. Today Don Bosco’s legacy of care remains alive in 132 countries around world – with many institutions continuing to practice and share his educational philosophy.

Don Bosco Sihanoukville

The hotel established on 12th February 2007. The purpose for the hotel school is supporting the disadvantaged Cambodian youth in providing them a thorough education in the hospitality business. It responds to the needs of the poorest of Cambodian youth by offering them a high quality professional education that prepares them for work and for life, with benefit not only to Cambodia but potentially to other societies as well.

At The Don Bosco Hotel,our goal is to make every stay as comfortable and convenient as possible. Whether you are visiting Sihanouk City for the first time or are a regular business traveler to the area, you’ll find that our hot

Don Bosco Hotel School and Technical School

Established on February 12th 2007 to support disadvantaged Cambodian youth, Don Bosco Hotel School provides an intensive education in the hospitality industry. The school responds to the needs of the poorest Cambodian youth by offering a high quality professional education that prepares them for work and for a better life.

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